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Posted on December 15, 2018 in Past Events, Volunteer Events


Dear SFN Leaders, Volunteers, and Supports,

A very quick email to say thank you to you all for a fantastic SFN Christmas Celebration event on Sunday for both Team A and B.

To all Tantos / Leaders - Saeko, Esky, Chizuko, and Eiko, thank you for you planning and guidance.

To our sub leaders and activity leaders who helped with guidance and preparation of all activities, thank you all so much as well.

Group A - Katharine, Gina (we missed you and hope you are better soon!) Arisa, Ziko, Kylie and Eiko Group B - Danellia, Pauline, Kelly, Deepali, Mia, Isa, Akemi, Mao, Allan, Mari, and Ramona.

To all our veteran volunteers and newly added volunteers, thank you all as well for all support during the meetings and preparation process, and for coming out yesterday to participate and spend time with the kids. You are all awesome!

To all those who supported by purchasing a gift for the children, or helping with activity support, or sponsorship, thank you too for your generosity and support.

And of course to our 2 Santas, John and Ray, thank you both as well for making the special appearances which always bring smiles and joy to all children, young and old. (like me!)

From myself and SFN, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and look forward to seeing everyone next year.

Please mark off Friday, February 15th for our SFN Shinnenakai (New Year Celebration), which we will be sending more information about next month.

Thanks again and see you next year.




日曜日はグループAとBに分かれて行われたSFNのクリスマス会に ご参加いただきありがとうございました。素晴らしいイベントでしたね!

担当リーダーをしてくれましたみなさん - Saeko, Esky, ChizukoそしてEiko、改めまして、準備から当日までイベントの中核となってくれてありがとうございました。

グループ A - Katharine, Gina (当日欠席で本当に残念でした) Arisa, Ziko, Kylie and Eiko
グループB - Danellia, Pauline, Kelly, Deepali, Mia, Isa, Akemi, Mao, Allan, Mari, and Ramona.

そして、毎年参加されているボランティア、新しい参加されたボランティア、ミーティングの時から 昨日のイベント当日までご協力ありがとうございました。

あと、忘れてはならない大事な主役・・・2人のサンタさん!John とRay、子ども達に笑顔と希望を与えて くれましたね。子ども達だけでなく、ボランティアの我々もHappyでした!


2019年2月15日にはSFNの新年会を開催しますので、ご参加希望の方、是非予定をあけて おいてくださいね。(詳細はまた年明けてからお送りします)