Jiyu Gakuen 2011 Events

Events at Jiyu Gakuen in 2011

In 2011, we had a few events at Jiyu Gakuen, including a BBQ at Shonai-Ryokuchi Park, Waiwai Festival, visitation with Bingo, comics, soccer, etc., and of course, our Christmas Party!

  • 庄内緑地でのBBQ
  • ワイワイ祭り
  • 一緒にビンゴやサッカーなどして時間を共有
  • クリスマスパーティー

I believe there are lots more chances to share some events as Jiyu has a lot of events such as beach camping, visiting circuit, skiing, etc... So, if we are allowed to help/join/ them to share the moment, it might be a good opportunity for SFN, too.


2011 Christmas Party Photos!