How to Volunteer

Step 1 - Make the decision that you would like to go outside yourself, to explore new paths, and find new, genuine ways towards fulfillment through community service!

Step 2 - Tell us a bit about yourself and your availablity though our volunteer application form.

The experience of volunteering allows for an exchange of culture and creates social contact between international volunteers and local people in the community. It enables people to learn new skills and languages and to develop leadership and teamwork skills. Beyond this, there is personal development, which is one of the greatest benefits to working with people from different cultures.

A quote from one of our volunteers

We have created a wonderful connection between the foreign and Japanese community with the fantastic children of Nagoya’s orphanages. Join Us Today.

Santa and Friends Nagoya

James, SFN Director

To volunteer in any organization takes dedication of time and effort! With SFN, the true satisfaction of volunteering is hearing the laughter and seeing the smiles of the children of the orphanages.

Why Volunteer?

Through volunteer service with SFN, you use your own life experiences and skills to help others in the community - most importantly, the orphans. Santa and Friends fosters the chance to overcome a tendency to sometimes want to take, and allows us the wonderful chance to give back to society, to open our hearts, to share with others.

A quote from one of our volunteers

This experience has connected me to a whole new world in Japan.

Santa and Friends Nagoya

Lorraine, SFN volunteer for 3 years

Even making a seemingly small difference to someone else's life can be a big step towards making the world a better place. Volunteer - you'll be surprised by how much you can help change the world of a wanting individual and how that can help to change everything in such a positive, rewarding way.

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