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Posted on January 3, 2013 in Volunteer Events, Past Events, Notes From James

Volunteer in Nagoya with Santa and Friends

Dear SFNers,
I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas with your friends and loved ones!

2012 was a great year for Santa and Friends Nagoya! Thank you all for your support and time you put into making it the best year yet for our organization.

I am very proud of what SFN has become and very much look forward to another year of growth, education, interaction, and development of our organization, our volunteers, our leaders, and of course the children we support!

We have a number of great activities, events, and ideas planned for 2013 and hope you can find time to come along for the ride!

We will have the SFN New Year Party (Shinnenkai) on January 11th from 7pm. The location has yet to be decided. If anyone has a good idea for location or is interested in helping with the organization please contact James. Assistance welcomed and appreciated.

Mark you Calendars!

SFN 2013 Shinnenkai!

Date: January 11th, 2013
Time: 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Place: TBD (To Be Decided)
Location:TBD (To Be Decided)

Thanks again everyone for a great year!

Have a wonderful New Year Holiday!

SFN 2013