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SFN organizes events at five orphanages around Nagoya, Japan.

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Thank you Santa and Friends Volunteers!

James, Mark, Suzuki Masao, Abe Nobuko, Kamei Chisato, Tsuchiya Shinichi and Kitamura Saeko attended the event on March 3. Thank you!

SFN volunteers in Nagoya

Volunteering in Nagoya with SFN

Komagata Ryo March Activity Reminder

Dear SFN Volunteers,

This is a short reminder and confirmation about Komagata festival on March 3rd. Basically this event will be carried out by Komagata people (of course their kids are main Active persons) to express their thanks to all support people.

Komagata director asked SFN to help out with the Shooting game for them. Of course SFN volunteers are happy to help them, so already some people are signed up and I am wondering if you are interested in participating in this, please contact to me. (Saeko Kitamura: saekokitamura@hotmail.co.jp)

Date: Saturday, March 3
Time: 10:30 preparation the event will be open 11:00-14:00
(Please come by 11:00 if possible)
Place: Komagata Ryo
Address: Nagoyashi Showa ku Hanami Dori 2-4-1

We are also welcomed as a support person to help kids, so some food will be prepared.

Deadline for registration is March 2. If you haven't already, please REGISTER AS A VOLUNTEER WITH SFN.

Saeko Kitamura
Komagata Tanto



以前にもご連絡は入れていますが今日は3月3日の 駒方寮のお祭りについてご連絡です。

このイベントは毎年駒方寮で開催され、駒方へ貢献して くださる方たちへ駒方のみなさんから感謝を表する手作り イベントです。

そのひとつとしてSFNクリスマスで好評だった 射撃のゲームの出店の依頼を受けました。 これを手伝ってくれる方たちは既に何名かいらっしゃいますが 興味のある方は私まで3月2日までにメールでご連絡下さい。 (Saeko Kitamura: saekokitamura@hotmail.co.jp)

SFNとしての貢献もあるので、ゲストとしても歓迎されます。 子ども達が出店などで簡単な食べ物を準備もしますので 一緒に楽しく過ごせると思います。

11:00 - 14:00までお祭りはやっています。

If you haven't already, please REGISTER AS A VOLUNTEER WITH SFN.

Kitamura Saeko