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Posted on September 8, 2014 in Volunteer Events, Past Events

Aichi Vision fundraising in Nagoya

Dear Santa and Friends volunteers and members,
I hope you all have been well.

Santa and Friends Nagoya has been helping many children in Nagoya for more than 10 years now. They are able to do this through the volunteer support and financial support of so many kind hearted people and organizations. One of these large supporters of Santa and Friends doesn't actually appear as a logo on the back of your volunteer T-shirt....-the supporter is Aichi Vision.

Last year, this organization donated a very generous sum to Santa and Friends. They have been a great supporter of SFN for many years! And........

They need our help.

Every autumn, they organize a music/film/art festival that is a wonderful showcase for the amazing talents of the local "foreign" community. This year's event will be held on Sunday, October 12th (Monday, October 13th in the event of rain). It will be held at the outdoor theatre at Tsurumai Park. The net proceeds from this event are 100% donated to charities!

Aichi Vision is an amazing day of music, art and film. This year, they are also focusing on including the whole family so they are having face painting, a jumping clown and other child focused activities. As well, there are some awesome bands and brief theatre performances, all climaxed by some interesting, unique and provocative locally produced movie/video presentations. All-in-all, it's a wonderful, interesting and entertaining day.

Aichi Vision needs our support; first as attendees and second as volunteers. In the morning, they need help setting up the the various booths and displays; in the afternoon they need people to help with attendance and directions and in the evening they need people to help disassemble everything. In total, it would be wonderful if Santa and Friends would volunteer 3-4 people in the morning to help set things up, 3-4 people to help with attendance and direction and 3-4 people willing to help with the disassembly of the whole operation.

I am unable to attend the September 19th meeting as I'm attending my youngest brother's daughter's wedding, but I would ask that two people step forward to take charge of ticket sales. We have 40 tickets to sell, which would mean that if 20 people each took 2 tickets, bought 1 and sold one to a friend, we could accomplish our objective, and we would be successful.

I would like to meet with any volunteers, before I go, to go over the details of the ticket sales. Please contact me at iacschoolmark@yahoo.com or through the Santa and Friends e-mail address.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Mark Lavers
SFN Active Volunteer

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